Looking Forward To 2018!

About Cedar Point Rabbitry: CPR is located in Southwestern Ontario in Grey County. I started in 2008 with Holland Lops, New Zealands and Netherland Dwarfs. Since then I have tried Dwarf Hotots, Polish and have been in and out of Netherland Dwarfs. But the Holland Lops have always been there. Their small size, adorable ears and wonderful personalities have made them a mainstay here!

I have bred my rabbits to be friendly, hardy and healthy. Both my does and my bucks love a scratch between the eyes! These rabbits are bred to live happily with hay, pellets and water. They do not need special foods or medications and are used to a wide range of temperatures. 


Starting in 2014, CPR Holland Lops have been shown and are being shown at several Shows & Fairs around Ontario. They hold their own, generally placing well at shows.

Holland Lops are a dwarf breed, making them perfect pets. But as with anything knowledge of your pet is what will make them happy and healthy. Cedar Point Rabbitry has bred and selected for friendly Hollands who love people.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have…I love talking rabbits!

~ Megan Vanderpol






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