Why I Chose To Sell Breeding Stock

Why I Chose To Sell Breeding Stock


Why I Chose To Sell Breeding Stock

I enjoy helping people out, offering knowledge, and getting them set up with good quality rabbits. One of my favorite things is to hear back from customers who say things like this:


  • Thanks a lot for help.”
  • “You’re an awesome breeder…very conscientious, honest and all about the bunnies so I know he’ll be perfect!”
  • “Thanks for chatting and letting me share!”
  • “The boy I got from you – he’s amazing, so well tempered!”
  • She’s SUCH a sweetie!!!!! Her and Mist are everyone’s favorites lol …grace has the funniest personality.”
  • “Thank you for two amazing bunnies!”


The reasons for why I sell breeding stock are as varied as the people who buy them.

A few reasons are:

  • to continue bloodlines
  • help new or established breeders obtain new bloodlines & breeding stock
  • improve Tri & Harlequin Holland Lops
  • encourage interest in the breed
  • introduce folks to Holland Lops
  • if no one breeds & sells quality broodstock, there will be no good quality Holland Lops

I’ve spent 10 years raising Holland Lops. I spend a lot of time, money, sweat and tears on my Hollands, I take great care of them. Selection and culling are top priorities. Healthy, lively rabbits are essential.  Brood & show potentials go with a pedigree. Pets don’t.


I’m happy when people who buy my stock can resell them at the same price they paid. Hearing that my rabbits improved someone’s herd floats my boat.


Selling pets to caring owners can be an amazing experience. They love their Holland Lop, spoil them and love them to pieces. Reading the notes they send about how much personality their bunny has, the silly things they do and their quirks is very fulfilling!


Sharing information with a new or upcoming breeder is enjoyable. Most of them have such a love for learning!


I have met some exceptional breeders. These folks love helping young breeders out, offering information or discounts on high-quality rabbits to get them started. They are my inspiration to do the best I can because I have been the recipient of such generosity.


Raising rabbits is about learning the cycles of life, meeting new people, relationships, stewardship, learning how to run a business, rabbit husbandry, genetics and so much more.

It’s learning about life.


Til’ next time,




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