Cackellac Chicken Tractors

Canadian Homestead Supply is a local business dedicated to offering top quality, long lasting chicken tractors for grass based production.

Cackellacs are being used for meat chickens, turkeys, laying hens, ducks, geese, and even sheep. Moveable shelters are becoming a preferred method of providing poultry with truly fresh pasture every day, while containing them effectively.

In the winter months, when the Cackellac are not used for poultry, they can be used for storage, or as a greenhouse—you can park it exactly where you want it! 

If you are looking for an dual purpose, sturdy yet portable alternative for your poultry operation – whatever the size or breed – look no further then Canadian Homestead’s Cackellacs!

Located in Ontario, Canada. Proudly Canadian Made. We ship Nationally and Internationally.

Cackellac Chicken Tractors
Canadian Homestead Supply

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